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NY29 PA20 OH18 VA13 NC15 SC9 GA16 FL29 AL9 MS6 LA8 TX38 NM5 AZ11 CA55 NV6 UT6 AK3 OR7 WA12 ID4 MT3 WY3 CO9 ND3 SD3 NE5 KS6 OK7 AR6 MO10 IA6 MN10 WI10 IL20 IN11 KY8 TN11 MI16 WV5 ME4 DC 3 MD 10 DE 3 NJ 14 CT 7 RI 4 MA 11 VT 3 NH 4 HI 4 ME-AL 2 ME-01 1 ME-02 1 NE-AL 2 NE-01 1 NE-02 1 NE-03 1


  Credit to yapms for the map outline
  Credit to fivethirtyeight for the projection data
  Credit to jhk for the projection data
  Credit to cook political for the projection data
  Source code on GitHub